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Technology at your fingertips.

Control your sound, shape effects and send commands with Wave, the ring remote for your DAW 💍

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Performances using Wave

Wave live ✨

Hermigervill and his Wave modular setup
Fríd controlling her vocal effects with Wave
Úlfur Eldjárn working his sax magic with Wave
Francesco Fabris modular 🧙 experimenting with Wave
HalLó drum duo controlling their effects chain
Berndsen synthwave guru working his modular and light show using Wave
Halldór Eldjárn using two Waves in his Ableton-driven live show

Make Music

Add natural expression to your music.

Discover creative control that extends from the stage to the studio. Revolutionize the way you create, control, and connect to your music.

Dive Deeper

Wave is a MIDI ring that allows you to control sound with motion. Wave has six unique gestures you can mix and match as you like; Tilt, Pan, Roll, Vibrato, Tap and Click.

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Wavefront is the Eurorack receiver module that connects Wave to your modular setup.

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WIDI Master

Ditch the computer and the cables, and connect your Wave ring directly to any of your MIDI hardware devices with the WIDI Master by CME. Pair your analog synth or effects pedal with WIDI Master and Wave, and discover the possibilities.


Our Customers Love Genki — You Will Too.

Your New Favorite Features

Your New Favorite Features

Enjoy your Wave your way, with these customizable features.


Unique gesture functionality

Use your Wave in a way that works for you. Customize and assign each of the six distinct gestures to a control that enhances your output.


Programmable buttons for effortless workflow

Once you find your flow, you can carry on forever — send commands and switch between settings without ever touching your computer or board.


Software included for seamless setup

Start right away with our plug-and-play software. Our ready-to-use application lets you control every gesture, function, and button, evolving as your needs do.


Compatibility across all major workstations

Wave works where you do with seamless integration across all major digital audio workstations, work-from-home setups, workday applications, and with modular setups via Wavefront, our Eurorack receiver


Battery life that keeps up

When a full charge lasts longer than a full workday, you never have to interrupt yourself mid-flow — charge up in only 90 minutes and enjoy full functionality for 8+ hours of constant use.


Low-latency wireless connection

Connect via Bluetooth Low Energy up to 30 feet/10 meters away with less than a millisecond of lag when paired with Wavefront.

Genki 💌

We care

30-day returns

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One-year warranty

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Something to Look Forward to

What You'll Get

Unpack the box. Unlock these features.


Control it all—hands-free

Walk away but stay engaged with wireless technology that puts the power back in your hands—from work-from-home conference calls to recording studio control rooms.


Customize every aspect, your way

Every gesture, button, and preset can be shaped to meet your unique needs. The Wave works for you, no matter what you do.


Plug-and-play from the very first day

There’s no lag time between putting on your wearable smart ring and opening a world of creative possibilities. Unlock Wave’s full potential with intuitive, cross-platform software right out of the box.

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